Time Limits and First Move in Official American Checkers Games

Commonly identified by many players as a board game that has similarities with chess, checkers is a good game that can test the capabilities of intelligent players to employ strategies and to maintain strong position and advantages over their opponents. If we will have a closer look on the mechanics of checkers, they are not that complex when compared with chess but some of the basic moves in chess can be employed in this game. In this manner, a great proportion of chess players are also fascinated with checkers.

For those who are not that knowledgeable but are interested in playing this game, they must know the different variations of checkers. Each variation apply a different set of rules so they must learn the rules before they play it in formal events like checkers tournaments to prevent conflicts and misunderstandings.

American checkers is the most played variation of checkers. For starters, they are advised to learn every aspect including the rules in this game before they try the other kinds of checkers. The rules in American checkers are simpler as compared with other kinds. So they will not spend long time learning them.

Like any other variations of checkers, there are time limits when players play American checkers in formal settings. Players should be knowledgeable about the rules governing time limits to avoid having sanctions when they participate in American checkers tournaments.

When participating in American checkers tournaments, players are given five minutes for every move that they will make. In situations wherein there is only one legal move to make, a player should make that move in a span of one minute. Upon reaching the time limits, players should be reminded by their opponents or officials that they have used the time allotted to make the move. Afterwards, a minute will be given as a grace period to make a move. If a player failed to do so, then that player automatically loses in the game.

Players should also know the rules concerning the first move in American checkers to avoid misunderstandings with their opponents. Unlike in chess wherein the player with the light pieces makes the first move, in American checkers it is the player with the dark pieces who will have the privilege to make the first move. To identify which player holds the light or the dark pieces, a coin toss will be done before the game starts.

There are other rules that players must know about playing official games of American checkers. Upon learning the rules that govern time limits and first move in American checkers, players are now encouraged to study the rules that apply to touching pieces and jumps in the game.