Starting Position and Moves and Captures in International Checkers

Also known by other players as Polish draughts, international checkers is most popular kind of checkers. Just like American checkers or English draughts, there are associations that hold tournaments, which feature international checkers. In international checkers, players use checkers boards that have a standard size of 10x10. Players are given 20 checkers pieces each which should be placed in the dark squares at the side of their board.

To ensure that players will be confident when they play actual games of international checkers, they are advised to study the rules that are implemented in the games. When studying the rules, it is best that they first learn the starting position as well as the moves and captures in international checkers. Hence, they will not be allowed to participate in international checkers games if they do not have sufficient knowledge about the starting position and moves in this particular game.

The rules concerning the starting position and moves in international checkers are easy to learn so players do not have to spend most of their time learning them. As mentioned, the checkers pieces of players should all be placed in the dark squares at the first four rows on their sides of the board. When all the checkers pieces are placed in their starting position, players should see two rows that do not have checkers pieces in the middle of the checkers board.

The player controlling the light-colored checkers pieces will make the first move. The checkers pieces are only allowed to move a single square forward towards the diagonal direction. If a particular checker piece reached one of the squares at the outer row of the opponent's side of the board, the checker piece will become a king. Hence, a king is allowed to move several squares in the diagonal direction. Above all, players should also know that if there are opportunities to jump over other checker pieces even if the move is disadvantageous for a player, the player is required to make that move.

As soon as they know the rules about the starting position and legal moves in international checkers, players can learn the rules concerning the wins and draws in international checkers. The official rules in international checkers may be similar with the other types of checkers. However, it is still best to explore the different elements and aspects of international checkers to ensure that players will have a fair chance of winning when they participate in tournaments and official games.