The Rules Concerning the Use of the Board and Pieces in American Checkers

Known as a distinct, challenging and enticing board game that originated in Germany, checkers is usually played by people for gambling as well as recreational reasons. Many people join checkers associations to further enhance their skills in playing the game. They also participate in checkers tournaments for the hope that they may improve their income and develop a famous name in the world of checkers.

For those who want to be popular to other checkers players and gain more profit from checkers, they must learn the standard rules that apply to American checkers since it is the variation that is widely played. According to gaming authorities, the standard rules of American checkers are approved and followed by the American Checkers Federation so there are no questions about the legality of the rules. In addition, these rules are strictly implemented in checkers tournaments. Hence, professional players have no other choice but to learn them.

Players should allot more time in learning the rules because they cover almost everything about how the game should be played in formal settings. It is advantageous if they start with studying the less complicated aspects of American checkers like the rules concerning the appropriate use of the checkers board and pieces in the game.

Based on the standard rules developed and implemented by the American Checkers Federation, the game should be played in a checkers board that has a total of 64 squares and has dark and light squares that are arranged alternately. In official tournaments, organizers should use checkers boards that are 16 inches wide.

The checkers board should be placed in the middle of the two opposing players, each player having a light square on the outermost corner of the board on the left side and a dark square on the outermost corner at the right side. Each player will be given 12 checkers pieces which they should position in the dark squares of the side of their board. One player should have light pieces while the other should have dark pieces.

The rules about the use of checkers boards and pieces in American checkers are very easy to learn. Having knowledge about these rules, players are advised to explore the official rules in the game concerning the moves of the pieces and time limits in checkers tournaments. Upon learning these rules, players will be more confident in case they engage or participate in formal or official games of checkers.