Rules About Touching Pieces in American Checkers

Commonly played by people who are interested in honing their cognitive skills, checkers is believed to be developed and firstly introduced in European nations. After several decades, the game has been adapted to other continents like Asia, South America and North America, which started the explosion or popularization of checkers. According to those who have studied the history of checkers, its popularization is a factor that greatly affected the creation of the different kinds of checkers.

Spanish checkers, German checkers, Chinese checkers and international checkers are some of the exciting variants that players should try, however, American checkers is the most popular of all. American checkers is commonly featured in tournaments that is organized by prominent and prestigious checkers organizations. Hence, players who want to excel and make a living out of checkers should first explore the various aspects in playing American checkers.

Beginners should have a background on the standard rules that are used when playing American checkers. The rules are not that hard or difficult to understand so they will enjoy every moment that they will spend learning them. To avoid confusion, beginners are encouraged to learn the different rules one by one.

The rules about touching pieces and jumps are important to have a fair chance with other players. According to the official rules of American checkers, players are free to adjust the pieces in their proper positions. As soon as the game started, no player is allowed to adjust the pieces without informing the opponent. If the player adjust the pieces twice without informing the other player, then that player loses the game.

In addition, players are required to move the first piece that they have touched. If for instance, a particular checkers piece has been moved in an angle that is outside of its original position, then the player is obliged to move that piece in that specific direction.

As we can see, the touch move rule also applies in checkers. Hence, players should watch out and be careful in every move that they make. Every move that they make in the game is crucial to their success. On the other hand, a single move that they have wasted may lead them to failure.

As soon as players learn the rules concerning the touching of pieces in American checkers, they can explore the rules regarding the jumps in this game. The rules about jumps in official games of American checkers are also important to the victories of players.