Rules Concerning Jumps, Kings and Wins in Official Games of American Checkers

Known as one of the most played checkers of all times, American checkers or English draughts is commonly featured in tournaments and special events held by checkers associations. As compared with international checkers, which uses a 10x10 checkers boards, American checkers only uses checkers boards that has a size of 8x8. This allows players to easily play American checkers since it uses lesser number of checkers pieces.

Playing American checkers is not that hard, however, players are reminded to first study the rules of this checkers game to avoid confusions during the game. The rules are easy to follow so even beginners are assured that they will enjoy learning them. Beginners are encouraged to study the rules governing jumps, kings and wins in official games of American checkers to have an edge over other checkers players.

Based on the official rules of American checkers, players are obliged to jump over their opponents' pieces whenever there is an opportunity to do so. In situations, wherein a player does not want to jump over other pieces, the opponent has the option to take the piece that should make the jump.

A piece could become a king if it successfully reaches one of the squares at the last row of the opponent's side of the board. This piece can make long jumps and long moves as long as the move is diagonal. However, a king can only jump over the opposing pieces.

There are four situations considered to announce that a player wins in the game. First is that the player has taken all of the pieces of the opponents. Secondly, their opponent has made a move that caused them to have no other legal move to make. Thirdly, their opponent quits the game. Lastly, the opponent violated the official rules in playing American checkers.

A game can be declared as a draw if both players do not have a chance to win. A game can also be announced by the referee as a draw if one of the pieces has been promoted to a king and in the succeeding moves, no piece has been taken by either one of the players.

Having knowledge about the official rules in American checkers will help players be more confident when they engage in actual games or play against other players who have better skills and knowledge about the game. Furthermore, knowing these rules will enable checkers players to make wise and reliable decisions.