Rules in Playing Spanish Checkers

Known as a board game that is popularized by German people, checkers evolved through time and one sign of its development is the creation of the different versions of this game. The creation of the various kinds of checkers is believed to contribute to the further popularization of the game as well as the increase in the number of checkers players. Due to the creation of the various types of checkers, players can now weigh and decide which of the variations will suit them best.

Spanish checkers is an enticing variation or kind of checkers. Players of Spanish checkers use the checkers board that has a total of 64 squares. Just like in the other variant of checkers, Spanish checkers is played using only the dark squares of the board. Each player is given 12 checkers pieces which they will use in the game.

Players of Spanish checkers should aim to trap their opponents, which will leave them with no legal move to make. They can also aim for capturing all the pieces of their opponents. These are two situations or instances that will help players beat others and win their games.

Checkers pieces in this variation move diagonally either to the right or to the left. A player can take or capture an opposing piece if their piece can jump over the other piece. Whenever there is an opportunity to jump over other opposing pieces, the player should do so even if the move is disadvantageous for that player. In this case, players are warned to be careful in every move that they make.

A piece that has been promoted to a king has a distinct power to move backward and forward in several squares in a single time. Hence, a king in Spanish checkers allows players to capture several opposing pieces at one time. In official games, players must also be reminded that the pieces that they have captured should not be taken out of the checkers board until the player has finished doing the move.

The rules in playing Spanish checkers should be followed strictly by players participating in tournaments since they can receive punishments or sanctions if they fail to follow them. It is also best for players if they explore or study the rules that apply in other kinds of checkers so they will not have a hard time dealing with other players when they play the different variations of this game.