Informative Books on Checkers Rules

Commonly used by beginners as reference to guide them about the things or events that they should expect when they play checkers, checkers books are useful to improve the confidence of amateurs or new players. Most advanced checkers players recommend the use of some checkers books to beginners and intermediate players since they find them very interesting and reliable when it comes to learning the rules followed when playing this game.

Knowing the rules in checkers is one of the basic aspects of the game that every player should learn to ensure that they would have a good position when playing against others. There are books that are highly suggested by professionals since they contain almost every thing that beginners need to know about the mechanics in playing checkers.

Richard Pask's "Starting Out in Checkers," is one of the checkers books that players should read. It discusses the rules of the game in an organized manner so beginners can easily understand and follow them. According to reviews, above half percent of players who look for effective checkers books, buy this book. Aside from tackling checkers rules, the author also share some of his insights on the effective ways and strategies to be employed in the game.

On the other hand, Robert W. Pike's "Checker Power: A Game of Problem Solving," is suggested by professionals since it teaches the correct rules followed in traditional checkers. The different sizes of checkers boards that players can use to play their favorite game are also tackled in this book. Players who have read the book agreed that it is truly suited for beginners since it tries to answer every question that is commonly asked by new players.

Lastly, "Play Checkers With Me," by Galina Golant and Lisa Grant is an excellent book for children who want to outstand other checkers players. It contains illustrations that are interesting to children. The book focuses on the basic rules in playing checkers so children will surely learn from it. In addition, the authors help children be prepared and confident when they participate in actual games of checkers.

There are other checkers books that players can use to ensure that they will have advantages in case they play it with professionals or advanced players. For beginners, they are advised to first look for references that elaborate the rules in checkers to guide them about the moves and actions that they should avoid when playing this game.