Following the Rules in Chinese Checkers

Known to be a board game that originated in the United States, Chinese checkers is usually confused by many players as a game that was first introduced in China mainly because of its name. Some players believed that Chinese checkers is not considered as a variation of checkers, however, there are studies that proved that Chinese checkers is a legitimate kind of checkers. Chinese checkers have a unique set of rules, which sometimes cause players to identify it as a variant of checkers. Hence, to those who want to play Chinese checkers should first learn the rules to avoid having confusions and misunderstandings with other players.

Chinese checkers uses a board that is patterned after the shape of a star that has six points. Every point of the board has triangles is made up of ten holes where the pieces that will be used in the game should be placed. Since the checkers board used in Chinese checkers has six points, this game can accommodate at most six players in a single game.

Every player who will try this game should aim to transfer all their pegs in the triangle located at the opposing side of their boards. Players will be given ten pegs each before the game starts and a toss coin should be done to decide who would make the first move.

Unlike in other kinds of checkers, the moves of the pegs in Chinese checkers are not limited in the diagonal direction. A peg can be moved forward, sideward or diagonally in an adjacent hole but the moves are limited to one space at a single time. Players can choose whether they will jump over other pieces or their own pieces to move their pegs to the opposing triangle. All the pieces in the board should not be removed and the pieces can stay even in the other triangles but when a peg lands on one of the squares at the opposing triangle, that peg should not be moved.

As mentioned, Chinese checkers follows unique rules so players should allot time learning them. Even if they need to spend more time learning these rules, players are ensured that they will enjoy playing this exciting game. Hence, players should always be aware that their main goal is to move all their pieces on the holes at the triangle at the opposite side of their board. In this case, they should apply strategies to block the opposing pieces from reaching the other side of the checkers board.